White Paper

Big Data White Paper(2019)

This white paper is the fourth edition of Big Data White Paper released by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) following Big Data White Paper (2014), Big Data White Paper (2016), and Big Data White Paper (2...
CAICT Insight on ICT

CAICT Insight on ICT-2018

Currently, integrated innovation of ICTs is unprecedentedly active, which historically converges with the strategic requirement of high-quality economic development in the new era. CAICT has made rich achievements in research on major st...
Reports & Statistics

5G Use Cases for Verticals China 2020

The 5G Use Cases for Verticals China 2020 report brings together 15 excellent 5G use cases, including some outstanding examples from the competition. I hope that these cases can guide and inspire those who are engaged in 5G and its appli...