Pharmacy PAR-level Inventory Control Services

KMED Logistics offers hospital pharmacy customers a comprehensive inventory supply chain management solution.

The KMED PAR-level Inventory Control Services offering will help our customers to:

  • Reduce inventory amounts
  • Eliminate pharmacy outdates
  • Increase controls around Scheduled and Hazardous products

The KMED team will analyze both current and past inventory stock data, and then formulate customized inventory monitoring strategies. The integration of these new KMED services can result in a recognizable cost savings to a hospital’s pharmacy budget through reductions in both the amounts of in-stock inventory and pharmacy outdates. Additionally, these services enable hospitals to increase controls for Scheduled and Hazardous inventory items, which can significantly reduce the potential for regulatory fines and penalties.

PAR-levels, as calculated by pharmaceutical wholesalers, are not true and accurate as a pharmacy’s outdated product returns are not included in the calculation. Only the process utilized by KMED Logistics, which includes returns data, will identify true and accurate PAR-levels for your pharmacy.

Streamlined vendor utilization is another benefit for hospitals partnering with KMED. Instead of hiring several separate vendors to complete multiple inventory functions, including inventory services, inventory control and management, and/or returns process for expired products (if requested), hospitals need only to contract with a single company, which can result in overall cost- and time-savings.


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